ROSE Initiatives

1. Improve access to breastfeeding in the African American Community.
2. Reclaiming Our Breastfeeding Experience.
3. Reforming health Care through Breastfeeding.

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ROSE Community Transformer Training

Find out about ROSE Community Transformer peer breastfeeding counselor program!

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2015 Harvest Walk

Come join us for this Family Friendly walk/run! All proceeds with support ROSE programs that provide services to families in need of breastfeeding support.

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Breastfeeding Clubs

Find out about a Breastfeeding Club happening near you!

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IBCLC Prep Course

Registration is now open for ROSE IBCLC Prep Course for those planning to sit for the April 2016 exam. Please view the page to see if you qualify for a scholarship to the prep course.

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ROSE Community Transformer Training

New Orleans, LA
October 22-23, 2015
Atlanta, GA
November 9-10, 2015
Visit the Community Transformer page for more dates!

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Breastfeeding Families

Find out about what breastfeeding resources are available to you and your families.

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2015 Harvest Walk

Come join us this family friendly walk/run at Arabia Mountain on October 31, 2015 from 12pm - 3pm!

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Get Involved

Reach out to ROSE and find out how you can help answer the call to action for supporting breastfeeding families. Concerned individuals like yourself, help to move the needle in breastfeeding and health equity!

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